About us!

Our   family   company   which   was   founded   in   1999,   is   active   in   the   field   of   marbles,   granites   and   other   natural   stones.   Using   the   suitable equipment   and   the   market’s   knowledge,   our   business   goal   is   to   improve   the   customers’   satisfaction.   We   have   managed   to   cooperate successfully with retail and wholesale customers, technical offices, civil engineers, architects, decorators e.t.c. Our mission Our mission is to improve customers’ satisfaction via: 1 . the combination of low price and high quality of products. 2 . the direct and quick delivery of orders without delays. 3 . free transfer of orders. 4 . tips and ideas on technical issues. Description The marble processing refers to 1 . Stairs, floors , wall cladding 2 .